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I would recommend Mr. Aaronson without reserve based on Mr Aaronson's handling of my criminal case. He was always professional, caring, kind and compassionate. I have had the unfortunate experience of having other attorneys prior to him that did not have these attributes which just makes me appreciate him more.

Scott was everything I could have hoped for when hiring an attorney. During my difficult situation he was caring, honest and always able to answer my questions clear and concisely. He always returns phone calls and emails the same day, and usually you are able to get ahold of him on the first call. The amount of time and work he put into my case was evident from the beginning. He truly cares about his clients and fights for you. Scott was very honest with me throughout my case and always kept me well informed. He was able to get the results I wanted and hiring him was the smartest thing I could have done. I would recommend Scott to anyone.

I accidentally brought some contraband through airport security in my carry-on bag -- I forgot it was there, but when security found it, they took it very seriously. I was arrested and charged with a serious offense, and I was petrified at what the consequences might be -- lose my professional license? lose my green card and be deported? go to jail? Luckily, none of the above! I found Scott by searching on the judge's name, and after talking to him it was clear he knew what to do and how exactly to go about it in Romulus. I'm still astonished at the resolution he reached in my case: I had to pay a fine but didn't have to plead guilty. His fee was reasonable, and the service he provided was immeasurably valuable to me.

Mr. Aaronson handle my expungement successfully. He is professional and made me feel relaxed during the process. He answered all my questions and and was punctual. I never felt I was a bother, he always made me feel I was important to him.

I hired Scott for my OWI. I was very happy with the service I received. I would hire him again (but hopefully I will NEVER EVER HAVE TO!!!!!!) He eased a lot of my fears and seemed to know what he was doing.

Scott was a pleasure to deal with from beginning to end. The process for my case was extremely simple and moved along very quickly. I would recommend Scott to anyone I knew, he is an excellent attorney!!!!


I hired Scott Aaronson after receiving an open intoxicant ticket. After meeting with Scott he assured me he would help me get this misdemeanor removed from my record. I had been parked with an open can of beer in my cup holder and ticketed. I hired Scott at our meeting. After two short court appearances and communicating well with the prosecutor and the officer that ticketed me, Scott was able to get my ticket reduced to a minor traffic infraction. I'm very grateful , and I highly recommend that everyone keep any open containers of alcohol out of their vehicle. Thank you, Scott !

Had Mr. Aaronson do an expungment for me. I was always kept up to date on everything there was no guessing game. He did not over charge like a lot of others and after 2 years I found out there was a clerical error filing my expungment. I called Mr. Aaronson and within a few days he had it corrected. I highly recommend Mr. Aaronson to anyone that needs legal counsel.


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