Forfeiture Lawyer

Did you get property seized by the government? If so it is likely you need a forfeiture lawyer. The government can legally seize property or assets it believes are related to criminal activity.


While criminal forfeitures occur where the assets are believed to be proceeds from an illegal activity, civil forfeitures may occur solely through implication in a unlawful activity. In some instances the government can seize your property even if you had nothing to do with the criminal activity.


The lawyers at the Law office of Scott M. Aaronson will work to prove that the client is an “innocent owner” under the forfeiture statue, 18 U.S.C. 983.


Unfortunately, as budget cuts increase throughout local police municipalities, the police have made getting back your property in a forfeiture much harder. Police and the government often get to use proceeds from forfeitures for to fund their own projects. This means they have strong financial incentives to look for any excuse to take property.


Defending against Civil Forfeiture.
The government must prove that the property is forfeitable. In some instances the burden of proof lies on the property owner to prove that the forfeiture was not proper.


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