Michigan Prenuptial Agreement

In today’s society, Michigan Prenuptial Agreements (also known as Prenups) are becoming more and more common place.  Despite popular misconception, there are plenty of reasons to get a prenuptial agreement that are not related to an anticipation of divorce.   Michigan Prenuptial Agreements can help give a clear understanding to both spouses regarding financial obligations, individual property and other important matters.  Along with giving a clear understanding of financial obligations, Michigan prenups can assist in protecting one spouse from the pre-marital debt of the other spouse.


Marriage is likely the most important decision you will make in your life.   You wouldn’t purchase a house or even buy a new car without a contract explaining the transaction.  Marriage should be no different.


Why a Do It Yourself Michigan Prenup is a horrible Idea:


You may be tempted to save money by downloading one of several discounted prenuptial agreement forms available on the web.  The truth is that you get what you pay for with these prenups.  There is no cookie cutter one form fits all solution for a person’s needs.  A competent prenup lawyer knows what questions to ask and how to customize the agreement to fit your needs.  There is a chance that a DIY prenup agreement might be missing the specific clauses that you need.


In addition often times attorney records and other strategies are used by courts later to determine the validity of the prenuptial agreement.  Often times do it yourself prenups are executed incorrectely and are later deemed invalid.


Given the importance of a prenuptial agreement, there is a clear value in making sure it is done correctly through a prenup lawyer.


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